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What is this hellfire?????? And can it kill me?

When you feel like popping outside, but then an orange stick figure with an extra long tail zaparoo thingy and antennae that look like antlers is there, on the outside.

And it’s doing this weird bum grindy thing against the window.

And you notice one of its leggy sticky bits thingies is shaped like a “u”.

And it has too many knee joints.

And a blueberry for a thorax.

And you know what sound it will make as it leaves the door, hits your eye lid, and then your frantic arms, as you wave them and scream and then hits the window again with a loud “snap”.

And you know the sound of your soul dying as you stand in the dark wondering where in the Fack it has landed, and whether or not you can get inside again before it gets you with that half eaten tip of his black poker pokey.

And when you can start breathing again.

So you stand there and consider this your last thought before the insects take over and you die while on a camping trip, with friends just meters inside.

So you stay inside.


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