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Experiments gone wrong

In one of those amazing areas where a lake meets the ocean.

My oldest wanted to lay in the sand on a bustling beach, with music and noise and kids running around between towels on the ground.

my youngest and I plodded to the lake behind.

As a science experiment, with pieces of apple, that we had kindly, half chewed ourselves; we left a feast for this little lad.

Then we walked up the bank to do the same, with a group of ducks, who seemed happy to nibble our spat on bits.

A group of geese hovering around and then soaring over our heads. Noises of life filling a small marsh space on a beautiful lake.

When we ambled back, to check our results, not even a nibble of apple was gone.


This face.

Reminiscent of my 13 year old.

Constant total disappointment in his lot, with his mother.

And a “I didn’t ask for a fucking apple did I?” face.

So no.

Frogs. Don’t. Eat. Apples.

As it turns out.


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