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Please please tell me about your best Amazon “roulette” purchase ever.

Amazon can be great if you need clothes desperately (like me, somehow blowing through parts of my underwear 🤷🏻‍♀️), in that they arrive in ten mins from the man down the hall 😬.

But unless you’ve ordered the same clothing you already own, you are seriously taking your chances with what might show up.

While my boys are at soccer, I was unpacking my latest packages 😬😬😬.

When I opened the amazing Calvin Klein sports bra “lette” I ordered I was slightly surprised at the size.

I missed the “lette” details when ordering in a fury under my desk at work at the end of the day while fetching a disability tax credit form that had fallen behind my desk (as you do). So I’ve basically ordered a child’s bra, that would fit a hamster. Each side holds a single one of my nipples. Which makes it a challenge for doing things.

In an other package I got some awesome underwear I’ve been hoping for as a replacement. Along with it the underwear in the photo below came. Five pairs, in all sorts of “I look like I should be buried” colours.

Surprisingly I tired them on for fun. They hold half my body, and I’m enjoying how inviting that feels. The material feels a bit flammable but meh, whatevs!

I’ll laugh in public about them and likely end up wearing them every day. I’m certain I didn’t order them.

One day I’m hoping I feel as powerful in them as Jack Black does.

Thank you amazon roulette.

Whatcha got that you weren’t hoping for (maybe a comfy, sexy surprise like I got?🤷🏻‍♀️) (also I have to say these aren’t far off from my real underwear. What’s amazing about them is the waste is like a mile thick....superhero style!)


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