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Sleep well all

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Just so that everyone has an excellent Wednesday night sleep.

I was going to leave this thought alone. But then I saw another of these dolls at an antique place today. Sitting in a closet. Eyes following me across the room.

We had one at my cottage. Someone in the family had made it.

On purpose.

But no one could remember who, which I guess meant we had to keep it until we all died.

It lives in an old school baby cradle.

In the middle of our cottage living room.

Where it can stare at anyone.


Which makes drinking less fun.

Here’s a doll, displayed at the Heritage museum we were at last weekend.

Imagine as a child, being lucky enough to cuddle beside this blue-eyed beauty. Snuggling her closely in your bed. Saying good night to your parents and holding her so tight as the room got dark, for comfort.

Then whispering so sweetly. “Night dolly. I love you.“


“Could you think about…possibly….

………. Not killing me in my sleep”.


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