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Bathing suits

Can you please share the best place you’ve found an online bathing suit. That actually fits, wasn’t made of rice paper and vaguely resembled the ph


It’s that time of year when the Russian roulette of online shopping starts in the most daring category.

Bathing suits 👙🩱

1 out of 10 bought will be flattering

2 will not fit your boobs properly...thank you breastfeeding for two different cup sizes.

2 will not fit your bottoms properly...or they might, if you like half your bum hanging out in an unflattering “squeezed out of the toothpaste tube” kind of way.

1 will say it’s your size but will actually be made for a child.

1 will come clearly made of flammable material. And if it fits nicely, then you will likely take your chances during bbq season.

1 will look like that sticky crotchy thing has been used before.

1 will give you a rash after trying it on. Again if it looks good, you will overcome with some antihistamines.

1 will be see-through. But only where your pannus is.

Most will look completely different than the lady in the photo. One will make you wonder how you actually are supposed to get it on without compromising your ability to breathe. One you will need to be cut free from after taking one too many wrong turns with the strapy bits.

All this to say I just bought two new bathing suits.

Hope one is “the one”. And congrats, someone else will get a free suit, from my pile o’ rejects some day


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